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G-Shape Atmosphere Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker, LED Night Light, and Fast Charging – (Multicolor)

G-Shape Atmosphere Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker, LED Night Light, and Fast Charging – (Multicolor)

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**Multi-functional Wireless Charger Atmosphere Lamp** 🌟

Wireless Charger Atmosphere Lamp – Bazzus
Enhance your space with this versatile lamp! πŸŒ™ Not only does it set the perfect atmosphere, but it's also a 15W fast wireless charger ⚑, a Bluetooth speaker 🎡, and a hub of features including music 🎢, sleep aid πŸ’€, sunrise wake-up simulation πŸŒ„, and more. Use it for work πŸ’Ό, study πŸ“š, reading πŸ“–, and relaxation 😌.

🌌 **Technology-Infused Design** 🌌
Beauty meets functionality! πŸ’‘ Illuminate your workspace with aesthetic lighting while enjoying your favorite tunes 🎢 through the built-in speaker.

⚑ **15W Fast Charger** ⚑
Experience lightning-fast charging with the 15W wireless charger! πŸ“± No more waiting around – power up your devices in a flash. Perfect for your bedside, living room, bedroom, home office, and beyond.

Intelligent G Shape Atmosphere Desk Lamp w/Smart Multifunctional Wirel –  Supermallwares
🏠 **Wide Application** 🏠
Transform your apartment, office, or room with this smart lamp! Whether it's your bedroom, living room, dorm, or desk, this lamp fits right in. It's perfect for various occasions like Christmas πŸŽ„, birthdays πŸŽ‚, and festivals πŸ₯³. Use it for work, play, relaxation, reading, study, and sleep πŸ’€. Plus, it's an amazing gift for family, friends, kids, or that special someone.

G Lamp β”‚ Wireless Charger β”‚Shop Now β”‚ SALE LIVE – THE GOODS MANIA

🎁 **Perfect Decoration and Gift** 🎁
Set any mood you desire with this mood-enhancing light! πŸŽ‰ Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, homes, and offices. It's a thoughtful gift for birthdays 🎈, Christmas πŸŽ…, New Year πŸŽ†, Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ, and more.

Hope this adds a fun touch to your description! 🌈πŸͺ”

Thanks to this super lamp, you can enjoy your moments of relaxation and listen to your yoga session or your favorite music wirelessly with Bluetooth technology. The light will color your peace to the rhythm of the music.

Wake up best with the sunrise effect and your favorite music. The lamp will simulate the sunrise thanks to the dimmable function, making you wake up most sweetly.
Lights & colors, as an essential part of our life, can profoundly influence our minds & bodies and trigger psychological reactions and hormonal changes. In chromotherapy, i.e., color therapy, color lights address specific needs such as creating positive energies or reducing anxiety. Instead of single-color lights, chromotherapy lighting is a harmony of colors, brightness, and intensity.
When referring to color therapy, we’re talking about lighting as a health treatment to relieve stress and boost energy. It features nine different ambient lighting modes to suit any occasion, like yoga, reading, meditation, and work. Tap it to seamlessly switch between ambient lighting modes and customize your scene with adjustable brightness, stunning lighting effects, and vivid colors to perfectly match your mood.
Say Hello to your New Favourite Home Decor - The G-Lampβ„’ – Upbodee
This lamp uses AID sound machine technology to ensure natural sleep and make you fall asleep in maximum relaxation and with the right atmosphere.Β 
Go to sleep in the best way you've always dreamed of: it will also improve your life because there is no better cure than sleeping well.
Click the bulb button to switch 10 light-colored modes (solid color, run two colors, three-color horses, seven-color horses), other 256 modes and 16 million light colors can be adjusted by linking applications.
1. Input voltage: 12V/2.5A
2. Wireless output: 5W-7.5W-10-15W
3. output: 15W
4. Bluetooth audio power: 3W
5. Material: ABS+PC
6. Product color: black, white
7. Light mode: 256 species
8. Transmission distance: 2-6mm
9. Charging efficiency: 75%
10. Working frequency: 100-205kHz

  • Multipurpose Lamp+Digital Clock.
  • LED Light brightness control feature.
  • In-built Bluetooth speaker for LIT jam sessions.
  • Qi Wireless charging pad for your smartphone.
  • Easy alarm setting feature
  • Light personalisation feature
  • Available in multiple variants.
  • The captivating G-shaped design.
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